Mission, Vision

& Values

Our Mission

To be the leading investment company of choice in Qatar, regionally and internationally, in providing opportunities, services, and contributing to the well being of the Qatari society by capitalizing on our years of business experience without compromising:

  • Our international standards and our commitment to quality and service excellence
  • Our commitment to increasing profits and maximizing shareholder wealth
  • Our commitment to investing in lifelong relationships with employees
  • Our commitment to increasing the supply of highest quality of product, opportunity and services to our customers and investors
  • Our commitment to be selective of our partners

Values & Goals


  • Increase shareholder value
  • Expand operations to the GCC, Middle East and Internationally


  • Provide high quality products and services
  • Commitment to quality and services excellence


  • Attract and recruit the best people
  • Treat employees like family
  • Provide best training available


  • Improve percentage of qualified local staff
  • Contribute to the well being of local society


  • Tracking and maintaining international standards
  • Providing consistent quality services and products
  • Create Partnership with selective partners and industries