Under the guidance and supervision of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) Qatar, MEKDAM CAMS set up a Centralised Alarm Monitoring System (MEKDAM CAMS) to meet the safety and security needs in the country. MEKDAM CAMS is authorised by the General Directorate of Civil Defense to offer alarm system connectivity by equipping your premises with Fire Detection, Theft & Intrusion Alarm System and linking it directly to the National Command Centre (NCC).

The NCC is connected to various entities including Police, Ambulance and Fire, Security & Safety services. MEKDAM CAMS is mainly used to manage the Emergency Situations that threaten the safety and security of the people or assets. NCC controls all resources at the scene and sets priorities to ensure preservation of life and security of physical assets.

MEKDAM CAMS has been successfully serving more than 3000 satisfied MEKDAM CAMS users across key industries in Qatar.